Will you help us defeat Trudeau?

Ontario Proud is a grassroots group working to defeat Justin Trudeau with a state of the art digital campaign.

We're supported by over 428,000 Canadians and continue to grow each week. At Ontario Proud, we use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to bypass a biased Canadian media and get the word out on Justin Trudeau's failed policies. 

Our videos and viral memes are seen by millions of Canadians each week. Ontario Proud has emerged as the most popular Facebook page in Canadian politics, with sister pages in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

We're creating a Canada-wide network to defeat Justin Trudeau in every province. And there is no doubt our approach works.

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars airing ads in Ontario's last election and helped make sure Wynne's Liberals lost official party status. 

Help us replicate that success at the federal level with a small donation today. As a registered non-profit, you can rest assured that every penny you donate will go toward funding ads against Justin Trudeau as we head into Canada's next election.

About Ontario Proud

Ontario Proud is a people powered organization that stands up for working Ontarians. We’re fighting for affordable government, holding our politicians accountable and working to defeat failed leaders like Justin Trudeau. More than 368,000 Ontarians have joined our cause, making us the largest digital advocacy group in Ontario politics. Click here to read our privacy policy.