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Ontario Proud is a grassroots group fighting back against Kathleen Wynne's unfair tax hikes and hydro bills. We want to defeat her and to do it we’ve developed a state of the art digital campaign the likes of which Ontario has never seen.

There can be no doubt it’s having an effect. Our ads are seen by millions of Ontarians each week. Many of them have become viral sensations. As a result, our Facebook page has grown to over 335,000 Ontarians, making it the most popular political advocacy group on Canadian social media.

As far as we’ve come, we can’t let up for even one second. Wynne and her allies are already working overdrive to get re-elected. As we get closer to the election, your support and the paid advertising it helps fund are more important than ever. Please chip in what you can.



*As a third party advertiser, Ontario Proud is regulated by Ontario’s Election Finances Act. Donations to our Advertising Fund above $100 are reported to Elections Ontario per these requirements. Donors to this fund must be residents of Ontario.

About Ontario Proud

Ontario Proud is a people powered organization that stands up for working Ontarians. We’re fighting for affordable government, holding our politicians accountable and working to defeat failed leaders like Justin Trudeau. More than 368,000 Ontarians have joined our cause, making us the largest digital advocacy group in Ontario politics. Click here to read our privacy policy.