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Donate to Our Operations Fund

Ontario Proud is a not-for-profit organization that holds politicians like Trudeau and Wynne accountable in ways no one else can.

In the month of February 2018 alone, our social media posts were seen by over 17 million people without spending a cent on advertising.

Canadians are responding to our content. Our posts exposing Wynne and Trudeau go viral because there is a hunger for the accountability we provide. It’s why Ontario Proud is now the number one source for Canadian political news on Facebook.

But producing this content costs money. We don’t have millionaires and government money to fund our modest operational costs. Everything we’ve achieved has been powered by small donations from grassroots supporters like you.

If you want to ensure Trudeau and Wynne are never re-elected, a small donation to Ontario Proud is one way you can make a big difference.

Help keep our operations funded by donating what you can*



*Donations to Ontario Proud’s Operations Fund will not be used to fund paid political advertisements. These donations will instead finance core operational expenses.



About Ontario Proud

Ontario Proud is a people powered organization that stands up for working Ontarians. We’re fighting for affordable government, holding our politicians accountable and working to defeat failed leaders like Justin Trudeau. More than 368,000 Ontarians have joined our cause, making us the largest digital advocacy group in Ontario politics. Click here to read our privacy policy.