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We've seen Kathleen Wynne's Liberals come back from the dead before. This is why we can't let up for even one second. We need to double down and triple down on the ads we're running. Our goal is making sure Wynne gets in third place and loses official party status. 

If your #1 priority is defeating Kathleen Wynne, there is no better place to donate. Ontario Proud is a non-profit registered with Elections Ontario. 100% of your donation will finance paid ads leading up to the election.

Everyone who donates $10 or more between now and the election will get an Unplug Wynne bumper sticker shipped right to their door.

*As a third party advertiser, Ontario Proud is regulated by Ontario’s Election Finances Act. Donations to our Advertising Fund above $100 are reported to Elections Ontario per these requirements. Donors to this fund must be residents of Ontario.

About Ontario Proud

Ontario Proud is a people powered organization dedicated to holding Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government accountable for their scandal plagued governance and unaffordable hydro rates. We will no longer stand idly by while families are forced to choose between heating their homes and putting food on their tables. Businesses are being forced to close their doors or fire staff because they can't afford to pay their heat and electricity bills. Ontario Proud boasts over 289,000 members who will meet Premier Wynne at every stop, delivering the simple message that Ontario can no longer afford her government's failing policies. Click here to read our privacy policy.